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Andover council staff earn so much they feature on ‘Rich List’

Beech Hurst - Test Valley Borough Council
Test Valley Borough Council (image courtesy of Google)

Tax payers in Andover are funding council employees massive salaries.

Three employees of your local council earn so much money that they are featured in the ‘Town Hall Rich List’.

Roger Tetstall, the TVBC Chief Executive earned £124,000 as a basic salary. He ‘took home much more’ with expenses and pension contributions.

According to the Taxpayers’ Alliance which assesses council staff across the UK, more than 2,500 council employees were paid over £100,000 last year. This includes the three unnamed people at Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC).

The 2020 edition of the Town Hall Rich List marks the 13th version of their list. It was first compiled in 2007. They say, “For the past 13 years the TaxPayers’ Alliance has assembled the most comprehensive list of council employees in the UK in receipt of over £100,000 in total remuneration.

Three employees at Test Valley Borough Council took home a combined total of well over £400,000 last year.


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