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Andover LibDems lose high profile member to new party

Alliance: Andover Party

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A high profile member of Andover’s Liberal Democrat party has resigned.

Local businessman and campaigner David Coole left the party today to join a new collective of independents.

As reported on local radio station 95.9FM Andover Radio earlier today, Mr Coole will be joining the new Andover Alliance party.

He told Andover Radio “It’s time for local politics to reflect what’s needed locally“.  He claims to have tried to assist local LibDems by changing internally, but had failed to get members to understand the need to entirely represent local people, rather than follow a national party agenda.

The new Andover Alliance will be launching its manifesto for Andover and the surrounding villages tomorrow afternoon at the Queen Charlotte Inn, promising to be “the most comprehensive manifesto for Andover ever”.

Mr Coole says, “I became very frustrated with the lack of action on local issues by national parties and came to realise, that putting local people before national politics is the only way to help Andover achieve its full potential.

David Coole Andover Alliance
Mr Coole with wife Joanne

The new group says that their newly printed manifesto focuses on local issues such as better support for veterans, giving Andover’s young people a better future, giving Andover’s elderly a secure future.

Creating a cleaner greener Andover and a plan to redevelop our town centre also features in the document.

Andover Alliance Founder town councillor Richard Rowles says, “For the last 20 years, the Conservatives have had a monopoly over local government in Andover and the opposition have been found wanting, the bottom line is they have all failed the people of Andover. We believe that Andover has been neglected because we have elected politicians who value their attachment to national party politics, more than their commitment to the people of Andover.”

The Andover Alliance states it is a group of locally minded people who are working together, having rejected national party politics.

Their aim is to get people elected at all levels of local government so that the policies of all our local councils are focused on solving the extensive issues faced by the people of Andover.

Having started the organisation a little over six months ago, the organisation is growing at a great pace says Cllr Rowles, “All too often when presented with an issue our individual councils say ‘not our problem’, we aim to change that with your help and support. Together, we can bring about the positive changes that Andover so desperately needs. So come on, let’s get the job done.”

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