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Andover Rocks – The latest free activity to do with the kids

Local Andover Mum, Trudi tells us more about these mystery painted rocks that have been seen around in Andover.

A few weeks ago whilst out on our usual Sunday morning family walk around Rooksbury Mill, my daughter found a stone, beautifully painted, with a penguin on it. On the back was a message for a Facebook page, Andover Hampshire Rocks. When we got home I looked up the page and found out more about this activity.

Now, on a regular basis, our 10 and 3 year olds ask to go out to look for rocks. The idea is when you are out walking you look for rocks and when you find one: take a picture to upload onto the Facebook page and then rehide them in a different spot, or even in a different spot in town (Rooksbury Mill, Anton Lakes & Charlton Lakes seem to be the preferred areas). My children love looking for rocks and get very excited when they find them. A couple have come home and have then been hidden the following weekend.

Our children have also painted their own rocks and taken them out to hide.

This a great low cost activity and encourages us to get out and have exercise as a family.

Even the animals at Finkley down farm have been getting in on this latest craze and hidden some rocks around the farm for visitors to find.