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Andover Town Rangers offer ‘feeling of safety’

Andover Town Centre Rangers

From next week you will see some new faces in town.

The Andover Town Rangers are part of an initiative from the Andover Business Improvement District (BID) to enhance customer experience in the town and tackle some of the concerns that local businesses have.

Andover BID says, The Rangers will be “a visible presence in the BID area ensuring a feeling of safety”. Andover BID are keen to point out that the Rangers are not a replacement for the Police. However, their role is to assist with the reduction of crime and anti-social behaviour in the immediate town centre area.

The Rangers are David Lacey and Aarron Bateson who will be based at Love Andover HQ on the high street. As well as being equipped with body-worn cameras, they will also have powers to deal with begging, require names and addresses to be supplied and seize alcohol from a person under 18.

The Rangers service will be connected by radios to Hampshire Constabulary and is supplied by local company Venture Security. The Rangers will be introducing themselves to traders in Andover town centre from Tuesday (1st September).

David Lacey has experience in retail security at shopping centres in Hampshire and Wiltshire and Aarron Bateson is a qualified Advanced First Aider, again with experience in the retail environment.

The introduction of the Rangers comes after BID have arranged for a free town centre radio system to be deployed to retails and pubs.

More information about the Rangers Service will be published on Tuesday.