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Andover Twenty1 is participating in World Down Syndrome Day 2019

On 21st March each year Andover Twenty1 joins people around the world, wearing “Lots of Socks” (brightly coloured, odd socks) to raise awareness and money to support the Down Syndrome community.

And who is Andover Twenty1?

We are a community group who provide support and a range of educational services to people with Down Syndrome and their families within the local area.

Why “Lots of Socks” ?

Because chromosomes look like pairs of socks (under the microscope) and people with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome. In fact, they have three of the 21st chromosome, (instead of the usual pair), which is why our group is called Andover 21.

If you would like to help us raise funds by hosting a ‘Lots of Socks’ event at your school or business in the Andover area, then please contact us:

And then add your event so that we can all support it here in our events section of the website