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Ask many people what retirement is about, and they might say more time to travel, enjoy hobbies and spend time with their families. But when it actually happens and they walk away from work for the last time, it can also feel like a loss: loss of identity, loss of colleagues and perhaps most importantly, loss of structure in their day-to-day life. While that gain of freedom can be liberating it can also be unsettling – especially in those early days.

u3a is an organisation dedicated to continued learning and maintaining fitness of mind and body while enjoying the company of like-minded people.

Andover u3a has around 480 members who share over 40 interest groups including topics such as Art, Languages, History, Photography, Jazz Appreciation and Mah-jong. Outdoor groups include Walking, Golf and Croquet – all activities that keep us active.

We host well-attended monthly meetings in the Weyhill Fairground Hall with an interesting speaker followed by social chats over a cup of tea.

Members can join as many groups as interest them (assuming availability of places) and if there is not a group covering their special interest or expertise then they will be encouraged to form a new group (advice and help is always available).

Yearly membership is £10 per person and interested individuals and couples can learn more about our activities by visiting our website and obtain details about membership by emailing

Nationally,u3a are sponsoring and publicising a countrywide u3a day on 2 nd June 2021. Locally, Andover u3a will occupy the charity pitch at Andover market on that day.