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Andover’s Space Programme – rescheduled

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Yesterday’s launch of Andover Space Programme’s craft had to be delayed because of the weather, but plans are being made for a launch next year.

Chapel Art Studios planned to launch a spacecraft into the stratosphere from the High Street yesterday but the Met Office issued severe weather warnings so flight plans, on the advice of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), are being amended.

Predictions showed that the high altitude weather balloon would have landed in Belgium, and project lead Tom Mansfield says, “We’re unfortunately going to have to postpone the launch.

“We have been discussing the various ramifications, and I’ve spoken with the CAA who have suggested that we seek permission for a month-long window. I’m therefore going to write to them and ask for permission to launch in between Saturday 25 Jan and Sunday 23 February 2020.”

The spacecraft named ‘SpAYCe McSpaceFace’ thanks to project participants Andover Young Carers (AYC) is secure at Mission Control at CAS and “Can be brought out nice and easily in the New Year”.

Chapel Arts Space Programme SpayceMcSpaceFace

Tom says, “We can discuss specific dates once CAA permissions are forthcoming, but it looks like an Andover town centre launch should be doable on either Saturdays or Sundays during this period.”

Yesterday’s weather was the second postponement for this audacious 3-month long project, but it will give organisers more time to generate interest in this first for Andover.

A live chase car from Andover Radio was planned, but as director Ben Tuffin quipped, “I don’t think even our state-of-the-art broadcast equipment would work at the bottom of the English Channel.

Find out more by searching #casAIRspace on social media and listening to 95.9FM Andover Radio.

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