Christmas Community Local News

Angels at The Bridge Cafe in Andover

Emma Smith and Danni Targett are yet again thinking of others in our community and have set up a wishing tree at the Cafe bridge in Andover.

Emma says , “This christmas we are hoping to help as many people as we can who may be struggling. Christmas can be a worrying time when you are struggling financially or with your mental or physical health. We are inviting anyone who is in need of a little help to get in touch with us at the cafe bridge. We have a wishing tree situated in the cafe, all you need to do is contact us with your wish for help and we will write a tag and place it on the tree. You will remain anonymous (we will need your contact number which will be kept private)”

The sisters are hoping that local people will come into the cafe and take a wish from the tree and grant it true. They hae ensured they will act as the middle man so that all involved remain anonymous.

Emma said, “If you would like to make a wish come true all you need to do is pop into the cafe or contact myself or my sister and we can help you. So far we have had wishes for a warm coat for a homeless gentleman, a shopping voucher for Christmas for a family, and gifts for children whos families are struggling this year and a wish for warm socks. Nobody should have to struggle to have a nice Christmas, we are also still running our pay it forward scheme to provide hot meals and drinks to anyone who may be in need. “

Please give Emma and Danni a call on 01264 335522, if you need help or can grant a wish, or pop into the cafe which is found at 31 Bridge street in Andover.