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Asking Andover needs you !!!

Asking Andover is an exciting new project, supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund in conjunction with Hampshire Cultural Trust, Chapel Arts Studios and Test Valley Arts Foundation.

Over the summer months, new and existing Andover residents are invited to come together through a series of events and community workshops to celebrate the rich and diverse heritage of Andover through personal memories and family artefacts.

A series of workshops and events are being held for the community to share their experiences and personal heritage, working with a professional artist James Aldridge from CAS (Chapel Arts Studios), and experts from Andover Museum. Residents will also have the opportunity to develop new skills through free oral history, collections management and blog training sessions.

Captured memories, stories, photographs and artefacts will form an exhibition co-curated with local residents, volunteers and community groups at the Museum.

Today I went along to one of these events, where we talked about how art and objects can be used to interpret memories and tell a story. We all have lots of memories of Andover and this project wants to join them all together. If the thought of doing some “art” is putting you off this project ( i understand the same thoughts went through my head) !!. Ignore them … This a great project and you don’t need to be a top artist to take part.

What memories do you have on our town?

Any old photos ? Items that you have kept from past events that have taken place in Andover?

Can you remember when the Queen visited Andover?

The days of Town TV?

The bridge at Winton School being pulled down?

The funfair at Walled meadow?

The outdoor swimming pool?

So many things have happened in our Town, this project is asking for everyone to pull together our memories to remember how great Andover really is.

The Asking Andover Interactive Project Space is now open and ready for you at the Museum, so pop in any time during Museum opening hours to record your memories, or to lend photographs and small objects that link to past memories and events.

Details of the events still to take place can be found here .