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Augusta Park Community Orchard in Andover

Thank you to the rooting4Andover community garden team for sending us in this local unknown information to share with you all.

Most residents of Augusta Park are unaware that they have an orchard, which was gifted to the community by Andover Trees United soon after the development’s first housing was occupied. Originally looked after by Augusta Park Community Association, previous Trustee and Augusta Park resident, Ian Philpott, along with his late wife Erika, were put in touch with a local fruit tree expert in Picket Piece who had a large orchard. Between them they chose trees that were suited to the environment, were disease resistant and were ‘English’ varieties. The trees chosen were also MM106 root stocks to ensure the trees did not get too big and for ease of picking and maintenance.

Located within the green space next to the play park on Centurion Green between Hedgerow Walk and Smannell Road, the orchard was planted in March 2014 and consists of 7 different types of dessert (eating) apples, 3 different sorts of cooking apples, and 3 varieties of plums, with a suitable mix to ensure good pollination.

Rooting for Andover has now taken on the responsibility of looking after the orchard and will be arranging for a spring prune and mulch (which will become an annual event) on 19 February 2022 between 11am and 1pm.

Rooting for Andover has also set up a new community garden in Poppy Park (behind the Augusta Park Community Centre) close to the memorial benches. read more about that project here.

If you would like to sign up to volunteer on an adhoc basis with Rooting for Andover to help look after the orchard, set up the new community garden or to get involved with future projects, please visit /contact-us/volunteer-form/ or email