Autumn fun in Andover, Hampshire

Just because the nights are getting darker, and the weathers getting chiller, doesn’t mean the outside fun has to stop.

Wrap up warm, invest in a good pair of wellies, and your all set for some Autumn outside fun with the kids.

Autumn walks in Andover

There are a whole host of seasonal colour and different textures to discover during the Autumn.

Local walks in Andover can be found here

Night Time Adventure

Dark nights are quiet mysterious to children, so why not take advantage of the early dark evenings, wrap up warm and take the children on a nightime adventure stroll. Take a torch so they can have a good look around, on a clear night point out the moon and the stars , listen to the night-time sounds.

Outside fun


Who can find the biggest conkers, this year ?

You can find them in the town park, Pilgrims way ,Rooksbury Mill, Beech hurst, Newbury Road in Enham Alamein,Hexagon Flats,King Arthurs.

Where do you go hunting for conkers?. Let us know and we will add your suggestions here, you can email me at

Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Kids love exploring , and you will get to stay out longer if they are busy searching for things.

Take a bag with you so that the kids can carry all their treasure, we often bring ours home with us and make into a fairy home for our garden.

Some suggestions to add to your scavenger hunt list

  •  acorns
  • Sycamore seeds
  • pine cones
  • leaves
  • conkers
  • feathers
  • sticks

The National trust have a great list of 50 things to do before you turn 113/4, the list can be found here.

How many have you enjoyed with your children?

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