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Basil and Manuel come to Andover

Basil and Co - Laughlines Andover
Mayhem: Basil and Co come to Andover

Basil, Sybil and Manuel are coming to Andover with an immersive dining experience.

The UK’s leading brand of Comedy Dinner Shows are bringing a Fawlty Towers styled experience to the Best Western Andover Hotel in June.

The Laughlines cast will perform the ‘Sitcom Experience’, a live situation comedy dining experience which unfolds in real time. This is an hilarious evening of pure theatrical improvisational comedy and caricature.

This cast, who look like Basil, Sybil and Manuel have a specific skill set which enables them to listen, respond and interact with the audience in a live fully inclusive immersive dining experience.

Performed as you dine, everything that can go wrong will. It’s unscripted so anything can happen.

Hotel manager Mark Tullet says, “These guys are the best in the business. Expect to laugh out loud at comedy mishaps from a hapless hotel owner and his Spanish waiter.”

“Tickets for the performance which includes a sit down meal are on sale from our newly refurbished hotel now.”

The show comes to Andover on the evening of Saturday June 2nd 2018.

Since 1997 Laughlines has been long established as the original UK leading comedy act and the Laughlines productions are well known for their highly physical and comedy packed performances and slapstick inspired humour.

Tickets can be purchased from the Best Western Andover Hotel by calling 01264 369111.

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