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‘Beer is here’ New business launches in Andover

Great Beer Bottles Ltd announced their official opening on Monday 2nd May 2022.

Established after years of dreaming of sharing a love and passion for Belgian beer, Great Beer Bottles is a new online independent beer store, with its head office locally in Picket Piece, Andover.

Offering a wide range of beers from around the Globe, GBB primarily stocks a vast range of Belgian and Craft beers from incredible independent breweries. Whilst initially an online venture, there are plans in the coming years to expand and open into a beer café locally in Andover.

Whilst many online beer stores already exist, GBB offers an accessible window to the many hundreds of independent craft breweries around the country (and beyond), who are largely unrepresented on the larger beer retailer websites.

“Our love for beer doesn’t stop with Belgians, or indeed, Bottles! We’re huge fans of the unstoppable growth of Craft Beers.” says Craig Black, Managing Director at Great Beer Bottles Ltd. “Although only a young online Beer Shop, our aim is to stock as many beers as we can from all over the World, we want to make it easy and accessible for you (our customers) to try them all, whilst creating a platform for the many incredible independent breweries to sell to the wider public.”

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