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BID Radio System Go Live

BID is to launch its new Town Centre state of the art two radio scheme FREE OF CHARGE to its members.

On Wednesday 23rd October, those businesses who have asked to join the scheme will be able to benefit from a state-of-the-art system which incorporates new digital technology.

A key challenge in developing a new system and encouraging businesses to carry a radio and use it properly has been to appeal to the independent and smaller retailers, bars and pubs who often haven’t previously been able to afford the cost of a radio. Offering BID members, a free radio will allow the system to go live with full coverage in the town centre area allowing businesses to speak to each other.

  1. A brand-new digital radio system across the town centre, funded by the Andover BID (Business Improvement District).
  2. Initially, nearly 40 businesses have signed up to the scheme
  3. One channel for communication between all users with the capacity to incorporate private channels.
  4. ‘Emergency feature’ enabling radio user to immediately notify other radios on the same channel. For example, if the radio users should become injured, trapped or in danger, a simple push of a button will alert others so the users can call out a message.

Bev Botha owner of the town’s The Travelling Cupcake and Lucy’s Kitchen, said the new radio was a welcome help in the fight against theft, allowing instant communication which is vital to catch a thief before they leave the immediate area.

The previous and outdated system wasn’t well utilised because of the cost associated for businesses, who had to rent their radio, costing upwards of £300 a year.

The new system provided by the Andover BID has a limited number of radios available to its BID member businesses free of charge. As supplies are limited the scheme is operating on a first come first served basis.
The radios can be used not only to catch criminals, but to prevent theft before it happens by increasing vigilance. Shopkeepers can warn the whole town centre when they spot anything suspicious. The radios are a great step in the fight against crime.

Steve Godwin, the BID Manager told Andover Radio “I am delighted to bring this initiative to fruition. In the lead
up to the BID being introduced to the town earlier this year, businesses had asked for a radio system
to be included so to be able to deliver this aspiration is fantastic”.

Andover BID businesses who would like to receive their own radio should contact the BID on info@andoverbid.org.uk or 01264 930063.