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Burgers He Wrote Review: 2 Tees Food

Get ready for a mouth-watering adventure as we team up with the passionate and discerning palate of “Burgers He Wrote” on a quest to find the perfect burger! But that’s not all, this journey is about celebrating more than just the delicious bites; it’s about shining a spotlight on the incredible businesses we have right here in Andover.

If you’re a food lover and a supporter of local establishments, you won’t want to miss this thrilling blend of culinary exploration and community appreciation. Get ready to savour the flavours of Andover and fall in love with food all over again – because at Love Andover, we’re all about celebrating the best in food and our amazing community!

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Beef Burger with 2 Pieces of Chicken & Fries – £10. Beef Patty, Cheddar Cheese, House Burger Sauce, Freshly Made Slaw, Caramelised Onions, Lettuce.

Let me start this review with a huge thanks to all the establishments who have participated in these reviews thus far, and shown hospitality towards myself, Freddo and the rest of my family or friends who’ve tagged along.

These may appear to some as solely just a burger review, but to myself, and for anyone else that delves into it, it’s a passionate insight into food and culture, whilst trying to offer some interesting perspectives on the business in question.

“Okay, this is the bottom line, take it on board if you wish. The word is – Africa!”

“Africa! I’ll make a note of that in my Filofax, if I may, Stephen. You got a pen?”

2Tees opened recently, and for me, it’s a welcome addition to the town’s culinary experience, bringing much needed diversity, and variation of food along with it. The world is massive out there, so why not see it, or taste it in this case.

Upon entering, there’s a neon sign that says “Welcome”, and that’s exactly how we felt, from the point of first contact via message, then in person, and still, even after leaving.

“Trust, encouragement, reward, loyalty… satisfaction. That’s what I’m… you know. Trust people and they’ll be true to you. Treat them greatly, and they will show themselves to be great.”

I love the décor within 2Tees, and I don’t mind being subjectively biased, after all, it is my opinion. There’s bright orange seating with jungle-esque flora enshrouding the restaurant, mood lighting to set the scene, so whether at a family gathering, on a date, or hiring the venue for events, it really is a lovely place.

I suppose my one regret with a lot of these reviews, is that I tend to do them in quieter periods, which does enable me to chat to staff, but I don’t get to see how vibrant and buzzing they can be. I do also tend to visit in quieter periods, due to being an extroverted introvert. A living Oxymoron if you must.

“What’s wrong with you, you Moron?”

“Oh, just a couple of fillings.”

I don’t mind telling you that I don’t know half of what’s on their menu, not because I’m ignorant, but truthfully because I’ve not had much opportunity to try African cuisine before, largely favouring what I already know over what I don’t, which is the case for many I imagine, and that classic expression –  “You don’t know until you try it”, springs to mind here, for anyone apprehensive to broaden their horizons…

What I do know is that I was willing to try absolutely anything they wanted me to. So of course, they made me a burger! I did get a chance to try out some more authentic African cuisine however, kicking us off with a lovely glass of Hibiscus Iced Tea, known as ‘Zobo’. A seriously refreshing drink that’s made from dried Hibiscus petals and a mix of spices, boasting a long list of health benefits from its properties. So not only does it taste great, but instantly makes you feel a Billion Naira, like Aliko Dangote!

We also had the opportunity to try Yam, Plantain and Jollof Rice, staple items on menus in African restaurants. The Yam and Plantain are a welcome sidekick to a Soup or Iru…Best pun I could do at short notice. Plenty to Marvel at Wakanda delicacies are on offer here. How’s that, any better?

The Jollof landed on our table, and I had to double check what it was served with, as for a second, I thought they’d plated up a Pterodactyl! Turns out it was a Mid Turkey Wing, go figure. He won’t be giving thanks this year, but I will. Bloody resourceful these guys, often utilising every part of an animal, which I guess is appreciative of the sacrifice that animals make for our sustainability, not that they get a choice.

“And Africa is where it’s at. Recently Joanne and I spent a little time down in Afrique sur-mer.”

“Fabrique belgique.”

The Burger then! This took me completely by surprise. I wasn’t expecting it in the first place, let alone for it to be this good! The strange addition of a slice of ham worked, but I guess if you consider that it’s literally a ‘Hamburger’, then it should do, but everything works here as a burger you’d get, from any half decent establishment who serve a burger from their menu.

It’s not going to set the world alight, but that’s not what it attempts to do. It’s a good, honest burger, and one you’re not breaking the bank for, whilst settling down to enjoy some nice, comforting food. I’d have no hesitation in ordering this again, and for what it’s worth, it exceeded my expectations. The beef was seasoned really well, and cooking was on point. Good to see some shredded veg in there too, as I’m a Slaw Abiding Citizen.    

I’ve since been back to 2Tees, and tried out even more of their food, namely their Shawarma and the Spring Rolls, which led to a question being asked of me, “What cuisine is this? Chinese? Nigerian?!”. You could add Middle Eastern to that, but funnily enough, it is African, and more specifically Nigerian, where Shawarma is extremely popular. I like to do a bit of research before making any assumptions, so despite originating from the Middle East, and where it was imported by the Lebanese, Shawarma is now consumed more in Nigeria. Speaking of which, I noticed they also slipped in another surprise pork product with the Chicken Shawarma, this time it was a Frankfurter through the glory hole, and welcomed again with open arms it was.

The Spring Rolls form part of African cuisine called ‘Small Chops’, which is finger food, delicious appetizers that are served at African parties, weddings, or food related event. Think ‘Horse Doovres’, so basically a bit of African Tapas, and I’m all for it. Honestly, the Shawarma, along with those beautifully spiced spring rolls are a real treat!

Staff here are kind, knowledgeable and on hand to give you the lowdown, so whether you’re well versed on this type of cuisine, or entry level like myself, they can cater to your needs. We were asked how much spice we can handle in the Jollof, and considering Freddo finds onion spicy, I reckon they deliberately gave us the ranch dip, mayo loving, salt & pepper only, vanilla ice cream, pumpkin spice level. Not that I’m upset or complaining, far from it. It was really tasty, just funny isn’t it. I’d like to see how hot it gets…

“Right! Try and get your heads round this, okay? Imagine the sun setting on the vast waters of Lake Victoria… A hundred thousand wildebeest grazing on the Masai Steppe, yeah? A misty, sleepy dawn rises to reveal Kilimanjaro in all its hypnotic majesty.”

“We’re all going on a beano to Margate next Saturday, Stephen. D’you fancy coming?”

Why the name ‘2Tees’?! Again, I forgot to ask, but considering the weather is slightly colder here in the U.K., maybe it’s due to a necessity of layering up with additional items of clothing? Then again, maybe not. It is still a bit Napoli outside, and 2 T’s are better than 2 S’s, so whilst I’m being up front, why don’t you set your goals on visiting them, and striker new relationship up, like Victor Osimhen.

“Back of the net!”

We finished off our review by 2 stepping our way into their food store, which is located around the back of the restaurant, where they provide a whole wealth of Afro-Caribbean imported goods, picking up a Malta Guinness and some Ovaltine biscuits for this Scrandad!

8.2, that’s the review! The rest is a 10 from me, as this is now, firmly a go to for some decent Scran.

I feel somewhat more positive about the future than I have done in a long time, and I’d like to extend that feeling toward 2Tees as a business and wish them (Isaac) Success in following their dreams.

This Burger was beautiful, she knew how to slip in a pork product without asking and played a hell of a tune on the old oboe of love. I had to tell her to calm down as I was about to bless the rains down in Africa, but luckily enough, I managed to put in a semi decent performance.



Yours sincerely,

Driving home from 2Tees, Freddo asks me, “Where’s Kelly?”, and I tell him that she’s gone to the cinema, only for super selective hearing boy to have made it out as, “She’s gone to Zanzibar?!”.