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Carer set to launch brand new book

27-year-old, Sarah Jarvis is due to launch her new novel, The Midnight Rose in late June this year.

Sarah, who works full time at Andover Nursing home told Andover radio 95.9fm “I was never actually planning on writing a book.” she went on to say that writing and listening to music was a form of expression for her “Writing was my outlet throughout my time in school and collage. It was all I ever used to do along with listening to music. “

“My dad and other family friends tried convincing me to write one but I brushed it off every single time they mentioned it. So far I’m writing 7 of them.”

The young carers book ‘The Midnight Rose’ is a story which follows two completely different people and they grow up in the broken world of theirs. One one side you have Cora who runs away from an orphanage, she doesn’t know what she’s hoping to find but she wants to find her own path in the world not knowing where it will lead her. On the other side you have Yuan who is just trying to make his way in life with dreams of following his mother’s footsteps. At some point their worlds clash but not in a Romeo and Juliet sort of way.

Sarah has been working on this book for a year and a half.

The book is set to be released for sale in June this year