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“Carers are superheroes”

Rosemarie Martin, releases heart felt story ‘Ruby Red’ exposing the harsh reality of being a carer. The book of fiction was published this week, with real experiences from both Rosemarie’s life as a carer and her ‘fellow carers’ to provide readers with insight into what real life as a care is really like. “A gentle love story in many forms”.

Rosemarie who has lived in Chilbolton, Ludgershall and now Amesbury, has been working around Andover and Salisbury in the care industry for over 10 years.

Talking to Andover Radio 95.5fm Rosemarie said “I became a carer after my parents needed carers and I saw what an amazing job they did and they encouraged me to become one too. I worked for three different agencies for over ten years – The stories I have used in my book are mostly real with a little fiction added although I haven’t used real names or anything obviously.

Rosemarie explained that she was “fed up of hearing negative things- a carer goes above and beyond for their clients“, she went on to say that she often gets upset by comments made about carers from families, as it was only the other week that someone on a social media page was “complaining that their carers didn’t fold their towels properly” Rosemarie explained that these comments are really difficult to deal with, after working so hard. “A lot of people would not be able to live in their own homes without them and my parents carers saved their lives numerous times.

Carers offer around the clock care and take on all sorts of duties such as personal care, shopping , medication , socialisation, but informed Andover Radio 95.5fm that sometimes carers are not treated the way they should be “a lot of people think they are servants or just there to wipe bottoms”

The local author has written several booked, which are available to purchase from amazon and her Etsy store, but this one is very close to home,

“I wrote this because it’s one of the hardest jobs to do and carers are not recognised enough for what they do. Everyone that I worked with or for, had an impact on me as a person. I laughed a lot and I cried a lot and I like to think that we still have a bond.

This is for the carer who is dreading going into their next call because they can’t take any more abuse, please realise you are not alone.

Although the general thread is from a carers point of view this also covers many other subjects – depression, babies born with special needs, young carers, mental illness to name but a few.

Ruby Red by Rosemarie Martin https://NewPages.Etsy.Com