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Cheering to Success: Lilly Rea’s Inspiring Path, Guided by the Jamie G Sporting Trust

In the world of competitive cheerleading, young talents often emerge, showcasing dedication, skill, and passion for the sport. Among these rising stars is the remarkable 13-year-old Lilly Rea, whose journey in cheerleading has been marked by proud achievements and exciting opportunities.

Lilly Rea’s recent triumph includes being awarded £481 to support her cheerleading journey from the Jamie G Sporting Trust. This financial support is a testament to her commitment and talent in the sport. Proudly standing by her side throughout this journey is her mother, Danielle, who shared some exciting news about Lilly’s upcoming endeavours.

Lilly is set to join WCAs International Travel team ‘Weapon-X’ and will be competing at Varsity’s prestigious ‘The Summit 2024 Championship’ in Florida this April. Not only that, but she has also been selected to represent X-Rays Level 3, a UK-based team. Lilly is gearing up for a season packed with seven competitions, with hopes of earning a spot at the ‘Battle of the Champions’ in Nottingham in June. It’s undeniably an exhilarating year ahead for this young cheerleader.

In expressing gratitude for the support received, Danielle and Lilly took a moment to extend their heartfelt thanks to the Jamie G Sporting Trust. The trust has played a pivotal role in both emotional and financial support for Lilly’s journey. This charitable organization holds a special place in their hearts, being close to their family.

“We are so grateful to the Jamie G Sporting Trust for supporting Lilly both emotionally and financially, a charity that has always been close to our family,” shared Danielle and Lilly. The trust’s unwavering support has been a source of encouragement for Lilly, helping her navigate the challenges and triumphs of competitive cheerleading.

Excitement resonates in their words as they express their eagerness to watch Lilly pursue her dreams alongside the Jamie G Trust. The collaboration between Lilly Rea and the trust is not just about financial aid but a bond that extends beyond, fostering mutual support on their respective journeys.

As Lilly Rea prepares for the upcoming competitions, including the grand stage of ‘The Summit 2024 Championship,’ the cheerleading community eagerly anticipates witnessing her talent and determination shine. The Jamie G Sporting Trust’s support serves as a testament to the belief in young athletes like Lilly, fostering a promising future for this budding cheerleading star. Wishing Lilly all the best in her endeavours, may her journey be filled with success and fulfilment.