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Christmas Jumper Day 2020


Even though we’re in lockdown, this is a day you can safely enjoy wherever you are; at school, working from home or with your family. It takes place on Friday 11th December.

Just grab a jumper and give £2 to Save the Children.

It’s just £2. But Christmas Jumper Day in the classroom, on Zoom with colleagues or in your living room will help kids have food, be healthy, learn things, and change the future.

You don’t even need a new jumper. Dig out last year’s, take an old sweater and add some tinsel, or buy from a charity shop (you won’t believe what people have cleared out in lockdown!) 

Together we’ll help this year not be so bad, and make the world better with a sweater.

We will be taking part at the Andover Radio studios.

We would LOVE to see you in your Christmas jumpers please send us your photos to