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Christmas shopping advice from Andover Police

Andover Police
Andover Police

Andover Police have issued a reminder to shoppers to keep an eye on their purses and wallets over the festive period.

The lead up to Christmas can present rich pickings for thieves so in addition to increased hi-visibility patrols by Police, they have issued some advice on how you can stop yourself being a target.

Statement from Andover Police

With the festive season now upon us once again, Andover Police would like to remind everyone out and about in busy shopping areas to keep an eye on their valuables as they go about their Christmas shopping.

This time of year presents a target rich environment for thieves with many people distracted by the merchandise, lights and decorations of shops and market stalls.

Andover Police will be conducting increased hi-visibility patrols around Andover town centre in particular during this holiday period, if you see our officers out and about feel free to say hello and ask them for advice on keeping yourself safe from purse thieves.

In the meantime we advise all Andover residents to follow these simple pieces of advice;

  • Make sure your handbag is closed and you carry it so a pick-pocket would find it difficult to get into without you knowing.
  • Never leave a bag unattended in a trolley, even if for a couple of seconds.
  • Try and keep wallets in an inside coat pocket rather than back trouser pockets and out of sight from a potential pick-pocket.
  • Keep your PIN number confidential. When entering your PIN number at a terminal ensure no one can see you enter it.
  • Try to pay for items on a debit card rather than carrying large amounts of cash. If this is not possible keep cash to a minimum.
  • Avoid leaving your purchases and presents in your vehicle. If you must make sure they are not on display, store in the boot and make sure the car is locked.
  • Think about the item you are buying someone, are there any security products you could purchase to help them keep it safe. I.e. if buying a bike think about also getting a decent ‘D’ lock for it.

If you happen to see anyone engaging in purse thefts or acting suspiciously around shopping areas, please report this to Police on 999 and pass on as much information as you can to our Police call handlers.