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Clarks back to school shoe fit guarantee is cancelled

Clarks shoe shop rolled out a scheme to parents before the back to school rush in July last year, guaranteeing parents that their kids’ school shoes would fit until next year.

Part of the deal was that in order to get the promotion, shoppers would have had to go in store with the shoes, show their receipt and have a Clarks fitter agree that they no longer fit. As the stores are now closed due to lockdown, this cannot happen.

Like many companies classed as non-essential retail, Clarks has been impacted by Covid-19 restrictions and the legal requirement to temporarily close their stores.

The Back to School Shoe Fit Guarantee, which was due to run until 28th February 2021, meant that customers had to go into the store to check their eligibility for the Guarantee and have their child’s shoe fit assessed by a trained fitter. With no time frame for when the stores will be able to reopen, they are very sorry to inform their customers that they can no longer continue with the Guarantee.

They say, “While this decision has been made directly as a result of Covid-19 restrictions, we appreciate how popular the Guarantee has been and are truly sorry for the disappointment this news may cause.”

You can read their full statement here

The Good news

They are offering a 30% off online promotion to all customers who purchased school shoes in a Clarks store between July and September 2020 inclusive. The code can be used on any full-price kids or adults shoes.

To Claim the 30% off promotion you need the receipt from when you purchased your school shoes to enter the required details in the form . If your purchase qualifies, they will email you a 30% off promotion code to use on

They ask that you allow up to 3 days for your email to arrive, while they validate your purchase details.

Click here to claim this offer