Andover BID Local News

Community Spirit Shines

Andover Business Improvement District (BID) has once again demonstrated its commitment to supporting the local community by coming to the aid of a shopper who lost her handbag in the town centre.

When Lynn reported her missing handbag to the Vodafone shop, her husband alerted the BID Rangers, who were on patrol in the area. Dave, and Becks immediately sprang into action and, with the help of local businesses and residents, were able to locate Lynn’s handbag within minutes.

David Mellor, founder of David Mellor Family Jewellers and a long-time member of the Andover business community, was among the first to offer assistance when he noticed something was amiss. He suggested that the Rangers check with Dan at the veg stall or Tony at the bread stall on the Market, as a distinctive handbag had been handed in there earlier. The BID Rangers quickly followed up on this lead and were able to retrieve Lynn’s handbag. Lynn was overjoyed to be reunited with her belongings and expressed her gratitude to everyone who had helped her, including the BID Rangers, Natalie from Vodafone, and Tony from the market.

The incident serves as a powerful reminder of the strong sense of community that exists in Andover. As Lynn noted, “There’s a real sense of community here and people working together.” David Mellor echoed this sentiment, saying, “I’ve always loved the town and found the traders and members of the public to be extremely cooperative and helpful.” Andover BID has played a key role in fostering this community spirit by supporting local businesses and residents. The BID Rangers are a regular presence in the town centre and have become a valued resource for both visitors and residents. They work closely with local businesses to address issues such as crime prevention, cleanliness, and safety, and are always on hand