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Community Unity: ACE Urgent Appeal For Support

As the clock ticks closer to the anticipated move of Andover Community Engage (ACE) into its new premises on Bridge Street, there’s a pressing concern looming over the horizon. Despite the fervent efforts and dedication of its members, one of the crucial contributors to ACE’s lease funding has regrettably fallen through. In this time of need, ACE is reaching out to the community it serves with an urgent appeal for support. Help support ACE via this Crowdfunder Page

What is ACE?

ACE, an acronym for Andover Community Engage, embodies the spirit of local camaraderie and mutual support. Operating as a charitable organisation, ACE is wholly run by the community, for the community. At its core, ACE is dedicated to a diverse array of objectives aimed at enhancing the quality of life for all residents of Andover.

Their Projects: Making a Difference

The heart of ACE’s endeavours lies in its various projects, each meticulously designed to address critical community needs. From alleviating poverty to safeguarding the environment, from fostering education to bolstering physical and mental well-being, ACE’s initiatives cover a broad spectrum of societal concerns.

Among its standout projects are the Clothing and Baby Bank, providing essential items to those in need, and the Community Lounge, serving as a welcoming space for gatherings and support. Additionally, the Community Fridge and Pantry offer sustenance and reduce food waste, while ACE Youth provides valuable opportunities for the younger generation.

However, ACE’s impact extends far beyond the visible facets of its projects. Behind the scenes, ACE operates an emergency referral service, facilitating connections with vital resources such as social services, emergency foster placements, counselling services, and educational institutions. This network ensures that support is readily available to those facing crises or hardships.

A Call for Support

As ACE prepares to transition into its new permanent premises on Bridge Street, a significant setback threatens to derail its plans. With a critical portion of its funding now in jeopardy, ACE faces the grim prospect of losing its lease. The consequences of this setback would be far-reaching, potentially jeopardising the vital services and support systems ACE provides to the community.

How You Can Help

In this time of need, ACE humbly appeals to the generosity and goodwill of the community it serves. Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a meaningful difference in safeguarding ACE’s future and ensuring the continuity of its invaluable projects and services.

To lend your support and make a donation, please visit Together, let’s rally behind ACE and uphold the spirit of community that defines Andover.


ACE’s unwavering commitment to the well-being of Andover’s residents has been a beacon of hope for many. Now, as it faces a daunting financial challenge, the community has the opportunity to reciprocate that dedication and support ACE in its time of need. Let’s stand together, hand in hand, and ensure that ACE continues to thrive and serve as a cornerstone of community engagement and empowerment for years to come.