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“Completely over the moon”- Mother’s petition success

5 Months ago local mother, Irene McFadden reached out to the community to sign a petition to get her disabled daughters “voice heard”.

Tamzin aged just 12 was diagnosed just 3 years ago with Friedriechs Ataxtia, a degenerate condition that affects her mobility, speech, co-ordination, heart and sight. The McFadden family asked for the communities support in signing a petition to present to Aster due to her housing needs not being met, the family are completely overjoyed to announce that they will be moving to a life changing home with a wet room and a stair lift, with the planned move due to happen in May.

Irene McFadden and her family, are Aster tenants. They were very happy in their home until life became to challenging to manage Tamzins needs safely. Tamzin requires round the clock care from her mother and it was was affecting Tamzins independence. Speaking to Andover Radio, last October Irene explained that Aster had agreed to make adaptations to their current home.

The shock arose after all plans were agreed, housing association Aster “changed their mind”, leaving Tamzin and her family struggling.

Tamzin and mother Irene

Mum Irene explained that not having the adaptations to their home was affecting their lives ‘massively’ and stripped Tamzin of her basic “human rights”

Irene added, “Every day we have to transfer from the stair lift onto a commode upstairs as we can’t get her wheelchair up there. She needs bathing or showered daily but I have to lift her onto a bath seat as she can’t get in by herself.

Back in October Irene explained that “Tamzin has her own physio nurse and occupational therapist who are amazing and are doing their best to fight for her. They managed to get it all agreed but it was taken out of their hands Aster get the final say as its their property.” So it is with great delight that the family will finally be moving.

Speaking to Andover Radio Irene said “We are completely over the moon that Tamzin and our family have finally been found a house that will make Tamzin’s life with Friedriechs ataxia more comfortable for herself and me as her carer.

The house will have a lift which will give Tamzin more independence to get around the whole house and the wet room means she can be showered safely without having to lift her.

“So many people gave us so much support through the campaign to get Tamzins voice heard and her needs met we will be forever grateful for the continuous support