Conkers in Andover

There’s something really cheerful about conkers – they’re so shiny and it’s a great word and they are free !!!

I remember huge debates at school about the best way to toughen them up. They are banned in most local schools these days, because of the risk of eye injuries. But there’s nothing to stop a quick after school tournament. Time to find an old shoe lace and something to make a hole – but be careful

Where to find conkers?

They can be found in lots of places, horse chestnut trees which is where you’ll find conkers – not to be confused with sweet chestnut trees where you’ll find chestnuts although not for a few weeks yet. Conkers are less spiky than chestnuts and you definitely can’t eat them.

In Andover you can find them in;

The Town park, Pilgrims way ,Rooksbury Mill, Finkley Down Farm, Roman way skate park.

Where else have you found some good quality conkers ? Email me your best conker finding spots in Andover, so that i can add them here.

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