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Crocodile Amelie: ‘Lucky to be alive’

Amelie Osborn-Smith Andover
VIDEO: Medland

The Andover teenager who was badly injured after a crocodile attack in Zambia says she’s lucky to be alive.

18-year old Amelie Osborn-Smith was whitewater rafting on the Zambezi river when a crocodile ‘clamped’ onto her leg and tried to drag her under the water. She said in a video from that her brain went into ‘overdrive’.

Amelie was attacked on Tuesday and is now thankfully stable but suffering ‘frequent flashbacks and nightmares’. Amelie is being brought back to the UK to be treated at a trauma unit of a London hospital.

According to the BBC, the cost of her flight back to the UK is being met by her insurance company.

In a video released from the Medland Hospital, talking of her ordeal Amelie said, “You don’t really think in that situation, obviously people say you see your life flash before your eyes or whatever but you don’t… you just think ‘how do I get out of this situation’?

Bundu Rafting, the holiday company that organised the trip, said in a statement, “What happened to Ms Osborn-Smith is an unfortunate accident – the first of its kind to occur with Bundu Rafting.

“Ms Osborn-Smith’s well-being and speedy recovery is our top priority, and will remain so until she is discharged from hospital.”

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