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Dancing in the Street: 11AM

Jason Briley Andover Dancing in the Street

It was actually quite ‘unusual’ at Springfield Close today.

The usually quiet Andover road was dancing in the street to the sounds of Tom Jones, thanks to resident Jason Briley.

He had organised for the street to step out of their properties – while very well distanced from each other – to do a bit of daily exercise and dance to the classic song “It’s Not Unusual”.

The personal trainer from Super Fit Bootcamp is organising for everyone in Andover to dance to the same song, at the time time, every day of the week.

Jason simply says, “It’s one tune…”

Dressed as a chicken earlier today, Jason led the dance regime at 11:00am and he’s now looking for every single street in Andover to get active and enjoy themselves through the coronavirus lockdown by dancing for three and a half minutes each morning.

“Tune your car radio to 95.9FM Andover Radio”, says afternoon host Craig Hicks. “And turn the volume right up.

“It’ll be a street disco – getting everyone dancing to the same song and let’s get everyone enjoying themselves, having a bit of exercise and a bit of fun every day.”

From tomorrow (Saturday 4th April 2020), 95.9FM Andover Radio will play Jason’s daily song at precisely 11:00am each morning.

Victoria Harber from the Andover Isolation Help Group says, “We will be taking part in Jay’s brilliant concept.

“We are trying to get as many volunteers as possible to be here at the Queen Charlotte Inn at 11:00am to dance to Saturday’s song.

“We need to keep spirits up and hearing the noise from Springfield Close earlier just makes us want to be part of this. Let’s all come together and have fun.”

People are asked to notify their neighbours of the rousing activity and use their mobile phones and record each street’s dancing. They can be shared to @loveandover on Facebook.

1) Tell your neighbours
2) Tune your car radio to 95.9FM
3) Turn the volume up
4) Stand well away from everyone else… and at precisely 11:00am
4) Let’s all go “Dancing in the Streets”

So this just happened where I live, love where you live especially in these trying times it. ❤️Oh and yes I am dancing in my slippers!

Gepostet von Debbie Jones am Freitag, 3. April 2020