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Demolition of George Yard toilets begins today


Campaigners against the demolition David and Joanne Coole responded, “TVBC has chosen to ignore some 5000 residents and visitors who signed the petition to save the toilets.

“They have also ignored hundreds of people who have submitted formal complaints to TVBC and they have refused to address the immediate needs of the disabled, elderly, infirm and young families as the CTS does not work for them.

“Their continued refusal to consult and engage the public is a sad reflection of the state of our local Government.

“The urgent demolition is an attempt to silence the public but it will not work. People are now more angry than ever so the fight goes on to force TVBC to address the immediate needs of the residents and to hold a public consultation on the future provision of better public toilets in Andover.

“Pressure will also continue to force TVBC to deal with the ongoing drug problem, which was the sole reason for closing both toilet blocks in the first place.”

We have not asked TVBC to comment at this time on the urgent demolition, or whether they felt there was a health and safety risk to contractors working in sub-zero temperatures.

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