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Disruption at Anton lakes in the coming weeks

Photo Credit: Jez Rolfe

From the 1st of March Anton lakes nature reserve will be undergoing path refurbishment works for approximately 5 weeks causing slight disruption to walkers. The council have asked visitors to adhere to all the site notices and path closures that may be in place to facilitate the works.

Councillor Karen Hamilton shared the post, which raised a question with the local community. Resident James Cook asked “are they putting the same finish as they have around Rooksbury, if they are, it will turn into a muddy mess every time it rains, and a dusty and slippery every time it is dry” This question was responded with the following, “The finish will complement the current path gravel on site. The larger stones will be removed from the existing surface, it will be releveled and redressed with path gravel to colour match the existing path. This is a different material to that used at Rooksbury Mill. Specific specifications for this can be found on the maps attached to my previous email. Work to refurbish the path at Rooksbury will be addressed in the spring when ground conditions have improved with drier weather.

Source: Paul Hewerdine

Details of the areas to be targeted shown in green and brown on the map pictured. The area marked in pink is due to be scheduled for summer 2021. Work will involve the removal of large aggregate from existing pathways before releveling and top dressing.

Anton lakes, is a popular nature reserve for local people and families.

Source: TVBC
Source: TVBC