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Lib Dem calls out ‘discrimination’ at Hampshire dumps

Cllr Luigi Gregori calls for “fair access for all Hampshire tips“. Mr Gregori claims that the Hampshire dumps are discriminating against those who don’t have access to a vehicle and has worked alongside his colleagues in Winchester to coordinate a petition across Hampshire.

During the 1st lockdown in March 2020 the Hampshire recycling centres were closed to all residents. Once the Government lifted the lockdown Gregori stated “the right to walk, cycle or use a mobility scooter to visit the tips was officially withdrawn by Hampshire county council”

Once the lockdown was lifted Hampshire County Council developed an online booking system, to reduce the amount of traffic build up in the local area, which Mr Gregori and his colleagues claims to have “created two major problems“. The Lib Dem said that you can only access the dump if you have a car, and therefore Hampshire County Council are not offering an inclusive service to those who which to access the recycling centre on foot, on a bike or mobility scooter. He went on to say that the system also doesn’t allow you to book slots for that day, meaning there have been many slots that have been wasted, causing long delays for local residents.

Luigi told Andover Radio 95.5fm “Its is an issue that we should all be feeling strongly about. I have also had a number of complains about the booking system which leads to less slots being available than could be the case.”

The campaign is based on three principles: Equal access – for all Hampshire’s council tax payers, not just car owners. Tackling the climate emergency – by making recycling and repurposing easier for everyone. Promoting active healthy living – by encouraging those who can, to leave their cars at home and visit the HWRCs on foot or bike.

If you wish to see the change you can access the petition here