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Do you remember this classic Jaguar?

Jaguar SS100 Grahame Bull

One of the exhibiting vehicles at today’s Wheels and Wings event at the Army Flying Museum at Middle Wallop was a 1930s Jaguar SS.

Owner Grahame Bull from Fleet told Andover Radio this afternoon that he is seeking information about another Jaguar SS100 he has been rebuilding.

Having previously been owned by the governor of Pentonville Prison, the 1938 3.5 litre Jaguar SS100 was last registered in Andover. 

Its registration number is FAU 620.

Grahame believes someone in Andover may have information about some years of the vehicle’s missing history.

The classic Jag was registered at Andover Post Office (Andover 21) in 1957 and was likely to have been around the town until around 1960.

Grahame says, “I suspect the vehicle was owned by a serviceman based in the area, quite possibly an American serviceman, as they had a lot more money that those in the British Army.

“I am planning to write a book, so would love to chat with anyone who owned an SS model or later Jaguars from the early 1950s to the mid-1970s.

“If anybody has any recollection of the car, registration FAU 620, I would be most grateful to hear from them”.

Grahame Bull’s phone number is 07836 203159, and can be emailed by clicking here.

Jaguar SS100 FAU620
Do you know this car?

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