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‘Evil’ is beaten by Andover’s compassion

Despite the ‘evil’ actions of some people, once again the community of Andover has shown its compassion.

The town has come to the aid of a local mum who had her car stolen in the early hours of this morning.

Casey O’Neill from Andover posted online “My car has been stolen early hours of this morning.  Police have been made aware! Please, please if you see my car, contact me or the police”.

Casey is the mother of two young children, 6-month old Elsie-Lee and 2 year-old Nila-Rose. It didn’t take long for Andoverians to come together and identify a burnt out vehicle at Anton Lakes. 

Local lady Abbie Black provided photos on Facebook of a vehicle which looked like Casey’s 10-year old Susuki Swift car.  The vehicle had been burnt out and was missing its number plates.

Casey said, “Who is evil enough to steal a car which has got three children’s car seats in and a double buggy in it”.  Within hours, family friend Georgia McNeill created a Just Giving Page to help support the mum with just some of the losses she suffered because of the theft. 

Within a few hours, Georgia’s Just Giving page had hit her target of £500.  Donations continue to come in for the cause.  

Georgia says, “Our friend’s car was stolen from outside her family home.  In the car were 3 children’s car seats, a buggy and other personal belongings for the children.  This has happened on a snowy morning, during a national lockdown.

“The pandemic is hard enough on all of us let alone to have to deal with this on-top of it all.

“On a morning where there was snow on the ground and children may have had chance to enjoy the weather, Georgia says, “To wake up to snow for children is so exciting. But for their mum an awful realisation that she now can’t go anywhere, with no car seats or a buggy she can’t take the children anywhere.”

Georgia told 95.9FM Andover Radio, “Casey is so lovely, she keeps herself to herself, she’s a single mum and not working because of the two young children. She is heartbroken by this.”

The car was found thanks to local peoples’ assistance on social media, the vehicle has been completely burnt out at the local nature reserve.

“Everything gone up in flames”, says Georgia online.  “We are hoping to help by raising some funds to enable her to get some more car seats, a buggy and replace some of the items that were in the car.

“We can’t get her a new car (unfortunately) but we can help make things a little easier for her and the children.”

We love the compassion of local people and you can help Casey and her family by donating to the Just Giving page here.

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David Harber is the founder and Managing Director of Love Andover, including the Love Andover Observer newspaper and 95.9FM Andover Radio. He is a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts and a card carrying member of the Nation Union of Journalists.