Exploring What Andover Has to Offer

The town of Andover is said to be over 1,000 years old. It has a rich history dating back centuries and has the buildings in the town to show it. In just the past 150 years, the town has seen a railway station built connecting it to London, while a public library was opened too, just before the turn of the century. 

But these are all landmark dates in the past, so what is there to do in Andover these days? How can residents and visitors alike spend their time in the town?

Create Some Magic

Some might think that magic is dead, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In Andover, local magicians such as David Major entertain audiences, whether at Christmas parties or corporate days out. Richard Jones, the only magician to win Britain’s Got Talent, has sold out a gig in The Lights and others like Derren Brown regularly tour theatres up and down the UK.  Television shows like ‘A Discovery of Witches’ and ‘The Witcher’ continue to retain popularity, while in the online gaming world, ‘Magic Thursday’ live bingo is offered weekly to gamers. Allowing gamers to play in the other realm, it offers a unique magic number feature for users as well as other typical bingo features. For those interested in the magic of theatre instead, the city offers a purpose-built arts facility that caters to all and has even hosted the famous UK comedian Michael McIntyre.

Getting Out into the Fresh Air

Just a short drive out of town brings visitors to the North Wessex Downs. It offers scenic views, historic ruins, and plenty of walking trails for those who want to experience the countryside. Closer to the town, Andover has plenty of parks and recreation facilities for those who want to stay closer to home. To the south of the town, a day out at the beach isn’t completely out of the question. Southampton is a relatively short drive away, and if the weather is suitable, it can provide a nice day out for visitors to enjoy the different atmosphere that a coastal town brings. 

Explore The Nearby Lakes

For those tired of their daily or weekly routine of heading to the supermarket and thinking about what to make for dinner, or those with just a little bit of time on their hands, then why not head to some nearby lakes and try to catch some fish? Anton Lakes is a popular spot not just for dog walkers but for those interested in fishing too. Charlie’s Lake, which is situated close by, is also a good spot for some lake fishing. Not to worry if you’re a novice too; there are several angling stores to help you get acquainted with what you need.

With a population of just over 50,000 according to the last census taken in 2021, Andover is a relatively small town. However, as outlined in this article, it offers plenty in the way of history, nature activities, and new hobbies. Its proximity to larger cities like London and Southampton is an added bonus.