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Facebook group promotes local music scene

Local Andover band: Echotape
Local band: Echotape

A Facebook group has been set up to promote live music in Andover.

Launched this week as a central point of information for local singers, bands and musicians, ‘Heard in Andover‘ is already actively promoting the bands we all know, and those that are aspiring to break into public consciousness.

For a small town, Andover has a noticeably large amount of musical talent. The group promotes all musical talent from seasoned performers ‘In Darklight’ to record labels like ‘Noxious Records’.

Founder Jamie Walsh posted, “Share and promote your music here! lets all get together and support eachother, give advice, and put Andover on the map. You don’t have to be from andover to join the group, surrounding areas as well, other Hampshire areas”.

However, the chance for acts from outside the immediate Andover area were met with concern.

Local musician Ben van Rensburg said, “I think the page should be restricted to Andover, at the moment anyway. There are a lot of talented musicians from Andover and it’s hard enough for up and coming/new artists to get any form of recognition for their work without them being buried underneath tonnes of other acts from around the county”.

Tony Noakes owner of prestigious music venue The Rockhouse added, “Observation… if you are trying to bring music back to Andover maybe you should only advertise events in Andover area, otherwise what’s the point?”

This month marks a year since the passing of local music impresario Steve ‘Stevie D’ Dillon who was committed to the promotion of the local music scene.

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