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Pride of Andover Awards Finalists

With the 15th annual Award Ceremony, held at the Lights Theatre, now only a couple of weeks away, the finalists in the 2021 Pride of Andover Awards have been revealed.

This year the Pride of Andover Awards received a record-breaking number of nominations.

The finalists are:
Rick Smart
Kevin Rush
Andover Advocates
Victoria Harber and the Love Andover Isolation Group
Paige Seddon and Coral Lewington
Dani Lou Kiely
Charlotte Birmingham
Chrissi Kelly
Ayden Knight
Adam Phillips
Dylan Lintern
Dmitrijs Meiksans MYP
Clare Oliver
Louise Vincent
Tania Hall
Nicky Bates
Kelly Hull
Paul Williams

We spoke to some of this years finalists;

Victoria Harber and the Love Andover Isolation Group

We are delighted that Victoria and the team that ran the Love Andover Isolation Group have made it to the Pride of Andover finals. The Love Andover Isolation Help Group was born out of the needs of people at risk during the Covid-19 pandemic and ran from David and Victoria’s home at The Queen Charlotte pub in Andover during lockdown whilst the pub was closed. The Andover Self-Isolation Help Group, were proud to assist with practical things like collecting prescriptions, collecting click and collect shopping, getting people to and from the GP or hospital and helping with odd jobs around the home. You can read more about the wonderful work of local organisations and people pulling together as a community to make the isolation group a success during Lockdown here

Lockdown Andover Tier 2 Businesses Adam Phillips

Adam Phillips , The Money Guy

Adam Phillips is currently, Andover’s answer to Martin Lewis, as ‘The Money Guy’ who works with Andover Radio and Love Andover, he offers local businesses and individuala a way to better manage their money, offering savings and debt advice on-air and online at no cost to the individual. You can read more about Adam here

Paul Williams from Andover Rocks

Paul told Andover Radio, “It’s an honour to be nominated for the Pride of Andover Award. It has been a privilege to help the community and people in need through my work with Andover Rocks. Those who know me, know that music is my passion; it is the ultimate gateway to express and process emotions. To share my passion and help people to heal through music intervention is a pleasure and I am grateful to be a part of it.”

Tania Hall, Andover clothing exchange and baby bank

Tania is one of the team that run the Andover Clothing Exchange which is based in the old Dorothy Perkins shop in Andover High Street. They are a non profit organisation that donate clothes and baby items to those in need.

Tania told Andover Radio, “We are so grateful to be nominated for Pride of Andover. Well done to the other finalists. Win or lose, it’s going to be a great night celebrating everyone’s achievements in supporting our community.”

Dmitrijs Meiksans Youth Parliament Member for North West Hampshire

Dmitrijs told Andover Radio, “It is a genuine honour and pleasure to have become a finalist in the Pride of Andover Awards. I am in an amazing company of finalists that are absolutely inspiring, and have done so much for the community. I’m taking this as a win for all young people that are and have been working so tirelessly throughout these very difficult times.”

Kevin Rush, AKA Santa …..

Kevin Rush, has been part of the Andover Carnival for a few years now, he also organised for Santa to tour the streets of Andover during Christmas time last year to ensure no local Andover children missed out on seeing Santa because of Covid. This year he has become part of a team to develop a new Non Profit Organisation that called Andover Community Events (A.C.E). They are a very small group of people who simply want to bring some fun to the community in Andover and raise some money for local charities in the process.They are currently responsible for the Santa Claus is Coming to Andover Town and are working towards bringing us the Andover SoapBox Derby. Please check out for further details.

Kevin told Andover Radio, ” I have been a BIG fan of these awards for some years and to find out I was put forward this year was an unbelievable honour. Like most on the shortlist we don’t do what we do for the recognition, so I awkwardly accepted this nomination. I do t know everybody’s story but can’t wait to hear everyone’s inspiring tales. It’s a night that celebrates many great things about Andover, and I thank those that gave my name, allowing me to hear first hand some of the amazing things people have been doing for our community. “

Karen Hamilton, chairman of the Pride of Andover Awards said, “Congratulations to our finalists for 2021. This year’s nominations were of a very high standard and the judging panel had some very welcome but difficult decisions on our hands. This year’s finalists all stood out as exceptional individuals doing wonderful things for Andover, and the communities within it. We look forward to celebrating their achievements at the Lights Theatre on 26th October.”