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Andover’s ‘The Money Guy’ up for an award

Andover Radio’s very own Money Guy has been nominated for a pride of Andover award, today we catch up with him to see how things are going and what his plans are next!

Adam Phillips is currently, Andover’s answer to Martin Lewis, as ‘The Money Guy’ who works with Andover Radio and LoveAndover, to offer businesses and individual to better manage their money, offering savings and debt advice on-air and online as no cost to the individual.

Adam, who has started his career in insurance and banking, has lived in Andover all his life. The ardent, happy go lucky, Adam, has always got his eye on the next goal. He has recently set up the Taxi company ‘PHAT Services’, with an app launched earlier this week to streamline the taxi services in Andover.

He runs ‘UK Custom Sportswear and clothing’ he is an instructor at local martial arts club, ‘Kyouken MMA and Jujitsu’, he helps clean and maintain ‘The Phoenix Centre’ and recently been appointed as a director for ‘Great Britain Jujitsu’… which might give you a little insight into why he has been nominated for a Pride of Andover Award.

Where many, over the past year or so, have been quite quiet, Adam has been busy. Always keeping an eye on how to help people.

When we caught up with Adam he told Andover Radio “The reason I left the bank, is to help people with their money, it seems morally wrong to charge people for money support. People should be encouraged to come forward with their concerns, not discouraged.

“The problem with this is that it doesn’t facilitate an income, hence PHAT Services and UK Custom Sportswear and Clothing. I’m trying to bring some 21st technology into Andover for the taxi industry. Customers will be able to book anyone or a specific firm or driver, track their drivers and much much more – this will (hopefully) bring some 21st tech to the town of Andover!

“We are building a system different to Uber and other popular taxi apps, their system doesn’t work in Andover, I want to actively support the private hire firms and drivers.

“When it comes to martial arts – I love it, I love helping people, teaching people and most of all, competing. I have built some good links with people from all over the country and so being asked to be a director for Great Britain Jujitsu, really is an honour.” (It is worth noting at this point that Adam is a 4 x national Jujitsu Champion and 3 x World Jujitsu Silver medallist!)

“I don’t actually know what I’ve been nominated for, I havent been told what category I’m in yet, but I am really fortunate to have such amazing people around me, to help me do my jobs!

“Massive thank you to Martin Ardolino, from The Right Angle for nominating me, he is a fantastic man, who I’ve had the privilege of knowing since I was 12 years old. He’s also the best at sorting out my achy muscles after being twisted up by the lads at Jiujitsu!”

From everyone here at Andover Radio, good luck Adam!

To download the new PHAT App click here