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Finding Serenity in Nature: The Three Bees Project’s New Wellness Initiative

In a bid to foster positive mental health and nurture the environment, the organisers of The Three Bees Project have launched a new initiative aimed at adults seeking support and solace amidst nature’s embrace. Allen and Helen Watts, the driving forces behind this endeavour, are thrilled to announce the commencement of a weekly adult group session, scheduled every Saturday morning from 8:30 to 10:30 am.

The inaugural session was on Saturday, January 27th, with subsequent meetings slated to occur weekly. The founders emphasise the early dissemination of this information to ensure ample time for prospective participants to plan their attendance and for facilitators to prepare adequately.

Allen and Helen extend their invitation not only to individuals grappling with mental health challenges but also to professionals and teams who may have clients in mind who could benefit from such therapeutic interactions with nature. They also welcome anyone eager to immerse themselves in outdoor activities geared toward mental wellness.

Those intrigued by the prospect of joining this unique initiative can find comprehensive details and secure their spots through the Eventbrite link provided below:

Eventbrite Link

Furthermore, Allen and Helen encourage the wider community to share this opportunity across relevant platforms and networks, extending the reach of this vital support system to those who might find it invaluable.

The Three Bees Project seeks to intertwine the promotion of mental well-being with the nurturing of nature and environmental stewardship. Through engaging in various activities centered around caring for goats and ponies, participants will partake in tasks such as feeding, grooming, mucking out, paddock maintenance, and seasonal chores. Importantly, no prior experience is necessary to join; the only prerequisite is a willingness to engage and contribute positively.

Due to the intimate nature of the sessions and the emphasis on personalised attention, booking is essential to secure a place, given the limited capacity of the group.

As Allen and Helen embark on this journey to foster holistic well-being through the union of human and environmental harmony, they send their warmest regards and extend an open invitation to all who seek solace and serenity amidst the beauty of nature.