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Barclays Bank to Close Andover Branch

The Andover Branch of Barclays Bank, located on High Street, is set to close its doors on 17th May 2024, as the banking giant adapts to changing customer preferences and technological advancements in the realm of financial services. The decision, outlined on the Barclays website, comes as part of a strategic reassessment of branch usage and evolving banking habits within the community.

In a statement released on their website, Barclays highlighted the shift in customer behaviour, noting that while the branch was once a primary hub for banking activities, advancements in digital banking have led to a significant decline in foot traffic. With the widespread adoption of mobile banking apps and online services, many customers now opt for the convenience of managing their finances remotely, reducing the necessity for in-person visits to traditional brick-and-mortar branches.

Statistics provided by Barclays shed light on the changing landscape of banking in Andover:

  • 93% of customers utilizing the Andover Branch have also engaged with Barclays’ digital platforms such as the mobile app, online banking, and telephone services.
  • 114 customers rely solely on the Andover Branch for their banking needs.
  • 10% of the branch’s clientele have utilized neighboring branches in the past year, indicating a willingness to adapt to alternative banking locations.

The impending closure of the Andover Branch of Barclays Bank has sparked concern among residents who rely on traditional face-to-face banking services. While Barclays cites evolving customer preferences and the rise of digital banking as reasons for the closure, many in the community express apprehension about the impact on those who prefer or lack access to online banking.

For numerous customers, particularly older adults or individuals without internet access, the closure represents more than just the loss of a physical branch—it signifies a disruption to their accustomed mode of banking. Face-to-face interactions with bank tellers provide a sense of security and familiarity that online platforms may not replicate, making the transition to digital banking daunting for some.

The Andover Branch has served as a vital hub for banking transactions and personalized assistance, catering to the needs of diverse customers within the community. The closure will undoubtedly pose challenges for those who rely on in-person services for various banking needs, such as cash deposits, withdrawals, and personalized financial advice.

Despite the impending closure, Barclays reassures the community of its continued commitment to providing banking services in Andover. The bank pledges to work closely with local stakeholders to understand the impact of the branch closure, soliciting feedback through a dedicated channel. A booklet titled ‘Branch closure feedback’ will be made available, offering insights into the community’s perspectives on the decision.

Barclays emphasizes that while the physical branch may be closing, they remain dedicated to serving customers through alternative channels. Plans are underway to establish alternative means of support within the community, ensuring accessibility to banking services despite the closure. Details regarding the new support locations and services will be communicated to the public once finalized.

In the interim, the Andover Branch will continue to operate as usual, providing assistance to customers transitioning to alternative banking methods. Customers are encouraged to reach out to Barclays’ local leadership team for any concerns regarding the closure or for guidance on navigating the transition process.

For those seeking further information or assistance, Barclays provides contact details for Allison Perry, Deputy Customer Care Director for South Central, who can be reached via email at or by calling 03457 3453452.

As the Andover Branch prepares to bid farewell to its physical presence on High Street, Barclays assures the community that they remain steadfast in their commitment to providing accessible and reliable banking services tailored to evolving customer needs.