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Free advertising for local community groups

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Andover’s new radio station is giving local community groups the chance to publicise themselves for free.

Over 300 not-for-profit organisations are registered in the Test Valley and Andover Radio wants to help groups with a charitable purpose to cut ‘through the noise’ and get the chance to raise awareness of their cause.

Andover Radio’s ‘Linkline’ gives charitable organisations the chance to connect with local people and gives them a unique chance to promote the good work of their group.

Director Mo Sweeney says, “It’s hard for some groups to find ways to publicise themselves, so we are inviting organisations to use our airwaves to promote themselves, their fundraising activities or recruit for new volunteers.

“Recording sessions for the 50 second advertisements has already begun, but we want to invite every single local community group or organisation the opportunity to promote themselves to tens of thousands more people around Andover.”

Groups are asked to write a script which promotes their organisation and lasts 50-seconds when read out loud.  Recording sessions for ‘Linkline’ are on now and the final features will be broadcast hourly.

Digital and social publicity, using websites, Twitter and Facebook is provided as part of the free service.

Community groups and organisations with a charitable purpose can enquire here.

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David Harber

David Harber is the founder and Managing Director of Love Andover, including the Love Andover Observer newspaper and 95.9FM Andover Radio. He is a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts and a card carrying member of the Nation Union of Journalists.