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Hampshire firefighter helps families in need during pandemic

Andover and Basingstoke based firefighter Kev Dyer has been reaching out to the community in his spare time to provide food parcels for struggling families in his home town of Whitchurch, and extended to Andover, Hursbourne and Longparish.

Kev spoke to Andover Radio 95.9fm, ‘”Initially I reached out on Facebook, knowing that families may need help during half-term and offered cooked meals. I soon realised as the donations can pouring that it would be easier and better to provide parcels so they could cook for themselves”

The 39-year-old has since started accepting food donations from the local community and is putting together the packages for the families in need, and even delivering them all himself.

Each parcel Kev makes contains enough meals to feed a family for at least 3 days. They include meat, vegetables, pasta and even a few household essentials.

The offer doesn’t just extend to families, but also to adult or elderly Whitchurch residents who feel they need the help.

Kev told Andover Radio 95.9fm, “I know what its like to struggle and I just couldn’t bare to think that people would suffer, I see in my job, how many people struggle and barley have food in their fridge”

“Being a firefighter has inspired me to help my community and I want to do more. I know these small tokens will make a difference to anyone who is uncertain about the times ahead.

“I will help anyone that asks if they are in need, no questions asked, I will get something together for them”

Though Kev doesn’t have a definitive answer for how long he’ll keep providing the parcels, he says he will “carry on until people stop asking”.

So far the father-of-four has helped over 30 families and has even had support from other local businesses, including Bere Mill Butchery.

If you would like to get involved, donate or need help, you can contact Kev at or Via his Facebook page Kev Dyer