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Happy Earth Day from Andover Trees

Andover Trees are asking us to help us to build an off-grid, woodland cabin… a classroom, volunteer base, green crafts workshop and community space. Through a collaboration with the Carpenter’s Fellowship, members of the community will have the chance to help with the build, which celebrates the completion of 10 years of tree planting, seeing 10,000 trees planted by 10,000 children from 30 local schools. This project will allow the charity to offer all-seasons nature-based activities and train a new generation of foresters.

It has been part of the vision for the wood from the outset to build an off-grid, sustainable, field-study base and volunteer room, one that is sensitive to its surroundings and sits well in the landscape.

The portable cabin and shipping container that they have are the beginnings. They are in the process of raising the funds needed to transform them into something that looks very different. Planning permission has been approved and an outline plan can be found here.

Wendy Davis from Andover Trees tells us, “10 years on, the wood is nearly complete (can you believe it!) and the dream of building a woodland classroom is about to become a reality.”

Global Giving is MATCHING ALL DONATIONS AT 100% Friday 23rd. This matched funding campaign will double everyone’s gifts to help build the Cabin and there’s $2000 with our name on it if we can match it at this end. Every small donation helps”

Here’s the link if you can help :// .