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Harrow Way call in parents to help launch the 2022 GCSE exam season

Harrow Way kicked off the 2022 GCSE exam season with a big confidence boost for their Year 11 students this year.

During a special assembly each of the students received a special good luck card or message from parents, grandparents, teachers and even family friends to demonstrate how much the school and parents appreciates and recognises the hard work and effort students have put in to preparing for their exams.

Deputy Headteacher Dawn German explains further: “This is something we like to do at Harrow Way as it’s very special for students to receive something meaningful on the eve of their GCSE exams. Having discussed with students the practicalities of the exams it was a wonderful surprise for them to receive the cards and messages – they genuinely had no idea and they were so touched that their parents, family and friends had gone to all that effort. We wanted to reinforce the message that they have so much support around them, with people who believe in them. It’s a great confidence booster.”

With 210 students in Year 11 it took Mrs German quite some time to request, receive and organise the cards and messages. Before Easter families were written to with the request to send in a good luck card or message. Many obliged with Mrs German hiding the cards until the big reveal during the special assembly.

Commenting on why it makes such a difference to the students and is worth all the effort Mrs German concludes: “There are two parts to being exam ready. The first is to ensure that students know their subject matter and can apply it accurately. The second is all about mental preparation. It’s essential they have the correct mindset and that’s where these cards and messages are so powerful. They are a huge confidence booster and demonstrate the belief families have in these students so they too should have some self-belief.”

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