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Has your day been made special by finding a lonely bouquet?

This week and last The Petal Boutique have been out and about spreading the love in and around Andover. If you have found a lonely bouquet, we would love to hear from you.

Helen from The Petal Boutique, on the Weyhill Fairground told Andover Radio 95.5fm that this is an annual florist event whereby local florists support Loneliness Awareness week, which is hosted by the Marmalade Trust. The Marmalade Trust is a charity ‘dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness and helping people make new friendships.’ 

May be an image of flower and outdoors
Lonely Bouquet

This year has been particularly difficult for all, people have felt cut off from the world and feelings of loneliness risen for many people. Loneliness Awareness week highlights the recognition of what being lonely is and encourages people to talk about it so “people see loneliness as an experience, not as a condition.”

“By building a greater awareness and acceptance of loneliness, we can help ourselves and others to manage the feeling.

Helen and her team have been busy behind the scenes creating some beautiful bouquets to leave in various locations in and around Andover. These are free for who ever finds them to take home with them, in the hope that it will open a conversation and brighten someone’s day.

Last week a local Andover resident, had her day brightened after finding this lovely bouquet near Wessex Gardens.

May be an image of flower and outdoors
Lonely Bouquet

Another was found on a bench by Colette O’Callaghan who posted on social media  “I’ve just found on bench near Penton a gorgeous lonely bouquet left for someone to take home from Petal Boutique Weyhill fairground to get the conversation going about loneliness . It has made my day. Thank you 

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The Petal Boutique

With staff being off last week Helen told Andover Radio95.5fm that the team didn’t get out as many bouquets as they had hoped and so today they have a van full to hide in 10 secret locations. “we really love doing this every year and hope that passes by enjoy the flowers”

If you are a lucky passer by who happens to find one of these wonderful bouquets please let us know and share on The Petal Boutique Facebook page