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Help Available for School Uniform in Andover

School uniform is expensive. Many parents struggle with the cost of providing new school uniform for their children at the start of a new school year in September. There is help available for local families.

A poem about School uniform written by Family Days, tried and tested.

Because the uniform we have is fine
I’ve contemplated the school shop,
Then I’ve rummaged in the drawer,
And pulled out lots of uniform,
So we really don’t need more,
The shoes may be scratched and scuffed,
And battered over time,
But they’ll scrub up like they’re new again,
And with elbow grease they’ll shine
I say it’s not a fashion show,
As long as they look smart,
You don’t need all new uniform
Every time a new term starts
A new bag isn’t warranted
And the P.E daps still fit
The logo’ed T-shirt and the rugby top,
Are an expensive bit of kit.
They haven’t yet grown out of it,
It still fits them all just fine,
So why go buying new stuff,
When made to last is the design.
They could wear brand new jumpers
At a pretty hefty cost
But I know within the first few days
They’ll end up being lost
As long as they look tidy
Then their old uniforms will do
There is no need to run around the shops
Buying everything that’s new.
I’ll get them all new socks & pants,
Replace their greying tops with white
But I’ll only buy them brand new shoes
When the old school shoes are tight.
It doesn’t mean I’m a skint flint
Or lacking any care,
It doesn’t mean we’re scruffy
Or take little pride in what we wear
It just means we’re more conscious
Of stuff we do not need to buy
And buying stuff we already have
Is a priority that’s not high
It’s about teaching them a frugalness
And that you don’t need to buy all new,
That you can still look smart on your first day,
And that the old school stuff will still do.
So we won’t be battling through the busy shops
With kids that whinge and whine
We’ll avoid the nightmare trying on,
Because the uniform we have is fine
Author-Mrs FD 💕

Grants available

Test Valley does not offer a school uniform grant to local families but you can ask your child’s school directly about their pupil premium. Introduced in 2011, the pupil premium is a sum of money given to schools each year by the Government to improve the attainment of disadvantaged children. Schools can choose how to spend their pupil premium money, as they are best placed to identify what would be of most benefit to the children who are eligible, which is why you need to speak to the school directly to see if they can offer you help with the cost of school uniform, or maybe they have second hand uniform available that they can offer to you.

Local Facebook groups

Second hand School uniform _ Andover, Hants – Click here to join

School Uniform request, sale, swap or free…Andover and surrounding – Click here to join

A.C.E. Andover Clothing Exchange And Baby Bank – When your child has outgrown their clothes or the weather has changed, exchange the clothes for the next size or season. Their next exchange on 22nd August where they hope to have good usable school uniform, good usable school bags, lunch bags and good useable school shoes and trainers on offer. Click here to join.

Some local school have their own private Facebook groups. Ask at the school office or your schools PTA group.

Do you know of any other ways in which local families can save money when buying school uniform?

Email me the details at so i can add here. Full credit will be given to you for your suggestions.