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Housing delays put people at risk of being homeless

Stonewater: Social Housing Provider Andover
Stonewater: Social Housing Provider

Property tenants in Andover are unhappy after being told their moving-in date for new homes has been delayed by up to four months.

Many tenants who were hoping to move into new builds on The Chariots in November are now being told by the social housing provider Stonewater that they cannot move until March.  Other tenants for properties in Picket Twenty are experiencing similar delays.

Christianne Ireland has had her moving date put forward six times since she was offered the tenancy at the beginning of November.

She is now hoping to move to The Chariots in March.

Christianne says, “It has cost me money I do not have, storage and moving.

“What about the other people affected, they may have children.  What are they going to do?”

Love Andover understands that if a mutual friend hadn’t have found her some temporary accommodation she would have been homeless by Saturdy because a new tenant was moving into her old property.

The business and community coordinator says, “The situation has caused me to experience some of the worst months of my life“.

A spokesperson for Stonewater responded to local radio station 95.9FM Andover Radio quickly: “Whilst we appreciate our customers’ disappointment that their properties have been delayed, the delay has been caused by an issue outside of the control of both Stonewater and the developer, Taylor Wimpey.

“The issue is being rectified, and Stonewater will keep customers informed as it progresses.”

You can hear more of Christianne’s experience on 95.9FM Andover Radio with Ellie Potter tomorrow (Tuesday 15th January 2019).  Your comments and experience of Stonewater Housing can be shared on our Facebook page here.

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