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I would walk 1000 miles and I would walk 1000 more!!

Local resident, Carrie Moore is walking 1000 miles… and maybe many more! Carrie is looking to walk 1000 miles, she started on the 1st February 2021 and will be finishing January 2022. The aim is simple, raise as much money for Veterans in Action by walking 1 mile for £1.

Carrie told 95.9FM Andover Radio”I am aiming to raise a minimum of £1000 (so £1 per mile) but if the target is exceeded, I will add the miles on and continue as long as it takes (the Proclaimers got nothing on me ). I am walking locally with my dogs in the Ludgershall area and use an exercise bike indoors until lockdown ends.

After lockdown, I am hoping to get back to Anton Lakes and further afield for some long walks and hikes. I will record daily updates on the fundraising page. I have been following VIA for quite some time now and think their mission is brilliant. I have had family members leaving the army with PTSD and believe that places like this charity are a real lifeline and must be supported.

Carrie has an infectious sense of humour, when she told me about her year long event and how you may be able to get involved – this was the full message:

”Hello, my name is Carrie and ‘Have I got some news for you’! If you have ever hired a marketing specialist or advertising company to do your bidding you will know – the cost is high and sometimes it just isn’t what you hoped it would be. Well, fear not – I have got an offer that will knock you of your chairs (Please be seated now for full effect).
I’m raising funds for VIA (Veterans in Action) by doing a 1000-mile challenge. So how does this tie in with your advertising, you may ask – Simple, I am selling myself! (No, not like that you cheeky bugger!)

“For a £10 donation to the fundraiser – or more – I will make a short video on one of my walks promoting your business and officially thanking you for your support. This can be done by using a scripted template or pointers you provide and will be sent to you via email afterwards. You can use it however you like, I claim no rights to it.

So, you see, combining advertisement with the feel good factor of helping some of our amazing veterans = You being awesome and saving some pennies. What are you waiting for? Please message me to get involved. (I also am a master of bad dad-jokes and will send you or a friend a video with my top 5 for a small donation. After all we always can do with more smiles and laughter). Thank you very much!”

Carrie has also sent me 3 examples of just some ‘Dad Jokes’ – sit back.. brace yourself!

If you’d like to get involved, donate some money, get a shout out, follow Carrie’s Journey or hear some amazing/terrible jokes – Click HERE

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