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Join WWF’s Big Winter Wander


Will you be joining the WWF event on Sunday 24th January 2021?

This January, WWF is encouraging people across the UK to take a walk with a difference as part of The Big Winter Wander: a nationwide event that celebrates the joys of nature on our doorstep whilst helping to protect nature around the world.  

Local Andover family taking part

While families and friends across the country will be heading outside to take part, in Andover, the Townsend family will be doing their own Big Winter Wander in a bid to help protect animals and the environment. After concerns about climate change, Andover local Amy Townsend has decided that her and her son Stanley will head outside to enjoy the nature on their doorstep.

Details about the event

The event is taking place on Sunday 24th January, the fundraising initiative invites friends, families and neighbours to head outside and enjoy nature in their neighbourhood – following local government guidelines – while raising £100 each to support WWF’s critical work protecting our planet’s precious habitats and species.  

Louise Hall, Community Fundraising Manager at WWF, said: “For many of us, nature has provided much-needed comfort and escape during difficult times – and now it’s our chance to give back when it needs us most.” 

WWF’s recent Living Planet Report shows that our planet’s wildlife populations have now plummeted by 68% since 1970; while here in the UK, half of all species are in decline, with red squirrels, hedgehogs and birds disappearing at an alarming rate. 

“When nature suffers, we all suffer. The Big Winter Wander is an opportunity for us all to reconnect with our country’s beautiful green spaces and local wildlife, while also helping to protect endangered species and restore natural habitats around the world.” said Louise.  

One of the habitats that The Big Winter Wander will help to protect is in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania – home to iconic species such as lion, elephant and wildebeest. WWF’s Land for Life project will support local Maasai communities to develop solutions for people and wildlife to coexist and thrive, aiming to improve the livelihoods of more than 27,000 people. 

For public donations made before 2nd February 2021, the UK government will match funds to support the Land For Life project, up to £2 million. This year winter wanderers can see their fundraising efforts doubled.

Happily, they don’t have to trek as far as the wildebeest, which travels a total of 800km or more during its annual migration from Tanzania to Kenya and back. 

How to take part

If you would like to join in The Big Winter Wander on 24th January 2021, register for free today and WWF will provide everything needed to help reach your £100 fundraising target and plan a magical walk for an important cause.  

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