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Local musician pens World Cup song

Dan Parkinson of Wooden Heart Studios in Andover has written and produced a football song that he hopes can lead England to win the World Cup.

It took just 4 days to do the song and Dan even got some of his musical friends involved with instruments and singing.

The song call We’ll Never Have To Sing Anymore

Dan told us “It’s so funny how it came about, when I first wrote it I thought “this is funny, I think this can work” and then because I worked on it so intently for a few days it got to a point where I was hearing that chorus about 15 times an hour and I thought “oh god this is annoying, is this even good anymore?” because sometimes with a project like this you do lose sight of the final outcome. I’m so glad I carried on through though. I think the guys who were involved in the recording of the track really helped me see the end goal.

“I love that the theme of the song is “if England win we’ll never have to sing these football songs anymore because they would have done it. Which is maybe a little detrimental to the track as people will stop playing it if we win

“If Southgate see’s the video, he’ll see that I have the skills and if he needs me to fly over I already have my own shirt and everything  I’ll be ready”

The song is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify you can watch the video on YouTube. The song is of course playing on Andover Radio too.