Local play parks in Andover

Parks can be visited at all times of year and they can provide hours of free activity for our children to enjoy.

A list of the local parks in Andover for all ages can be found on the Test Valley website, here

Test Valley have a team of people who regularly maintain the parks in Andover,ensuring that playgrounds are maintained to the national standards appropriate for our  children’s safety. However sometimes things aren’t picked up straight away and that’s where we can help, by calling the playground maintenance team on 01264 368000 and reporting and damage that we spot whilst visiting the park with our children.

What age can children play at the park on their own?

My own children are older and I often have to face the comment, but my friends can go to the park on their own…

The NSPCC tell us there is no set age, it all depends on how mature your child is and how comfortable you feel about letting them out on their own.

Further advice can be found on the NSPCC website here