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Local Tories launch ‘ambitious’ manifesto

Conservative Manifesto Launch Photo
Launch: Conservative Manifesto 2019

Test Valley Conservatives have today launched their manifesto called ‘Ambitious for Test Valley’, ahead of the local elections on the 2nd May.

The document outlines how they will tackle the major challenges faced by people and businesses in the Test Valley.

Leader of the Conservative run borough council, Cllr Phil North said, “I’m really proud of our record, including providing a brand new Leisure Centre for Andover; delivering more affordable homes than any other authority in Hampshire; tackling homelessness; giving our residents more access to open spaces and the surrounding countryside – all whilst keeping council tax low. And we will continue to deliver on those important priorities.

“Our top priority is to respond to the changing nature of the High Street. Up and down the country, the internet is changing shopping habits and town centres are becoming more of a place for leisure and living as well as retail.

“We will ensure our High Streets keep pace with that trend – and have really ambitious plans to redesign and revitalise Andover Town Centre by creating a new Cultural Quarter; redeveloping the Chantry Centre and creating a new riverside park at Town Mills.”

Cllr North added, “We will also build on our fantastic record of recycling. In Test Valley, 94% of household waste is either recycled or turned into electricity – with just 6% going to landfill. But I want us to be even more ambitious.

“If re-elected we will continue to work with other authorities in Hampshire to build a new recycling processing facility to enable you to recycle pots, tubs and trays – and even glass in your brown bin.

“Now is the time to build on our significant successes – and see through our ambitious projects for the future. This manifesto is our plan to take our beautiful Borough forward; but above all it is a plan for you. I hope you will give us your support.”

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